Fast Facts about JWCC

General Information:

    Founded: 1974
    Colors: Green and Yellow
    Mascot: Trail Blazers

Tuition and Fees (2018-19):

    In-district: $163/credit hour
    Out-of-district: $273/credit hour
    Online:  $193/credit hour regardless of residency

The District Counties:


District Information:

     Size:  2,363 sq. miles
     Population:  95,241
     2017 Tax Base (EAV):  $1,619,609,393


    JWCC Campus- Quincy
    JWCC Kinscherff  Adult Education and Learning Center- Quincy
    JWCC Workforce Development Center- Quincy
    JWCC Agricultural Education Center- Perry
    JWCC Mt. Sterling Learning Center
    JWCC Southeast Education Center

Fall 2018 Students:

     Enrollment:  1,924
     First-time Freshmen:  26.6%
     Continuing:  40.3%
     Returning:  5.2%
     Transfer:  10.1%
     Part-time:  53.4%
     Full-time:  46.6%
     Male:  40.1%
     Female:  59.9%
     Average Age:  24

Fall 2018 Faculty & Staff:

     Full-time Faculty:  47
     Associate and Part-time Faculty:  127
     Full-time Staff:  111
     Part-time Staff:  19