JWCC In-District Eligibility

JWCC district map

Information from the Admissions Information Form is used to determine an applicant’s residency. A student’s residency classification determines the tuition rate he or she will pay. Residency is defined as the place where a student lives and which he or she intends to be the permanent home. To be eligible for in-district tuition a student must have lived at a residence located inside the JWCC district at least thirty days prior to the beginning of that term. Students who move into the district may be required to complete a Residency Questionnaire and provide at least two non-self serving documentation of their residence. A student is in the John Wood Community College district if he or she resides in one of the following high school districts:  Bluffs, Brown County, Central, Griggsville-Perry, Liberty, Meredosia-Chambersburg, Payson, Pikeland, Pleasant Hill, Quincy, Southeastern, Unity, or Western. Residency Questionnaires and further information are available from the Admissions Office.