Now, About the Benefits . . .

The Human Resources office is pleased to provide you with the following information related to the benefit packages available to faculty and staff at JWCC. Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome and may be directed to or by contacting our office at 217.641.4242.


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Benefits for Full-time Staff

Benefits for Part-time Staff

Benefits for Full-time Faculty

Benefits for Associate Faculty


Retirement Benefits

State Universities Retirement System

Regular employees of John Wood Community College are exempt from social security. Employees pay into the State Universities Retirement System also known as SURS. SURS provides retirement, survivor, disability, and death benefits to over 212,000 members throughout the world.

Social Security

Temporary employees of John Wood Community College pay into the social security system. The local social security office is located at 2401 Lind Street, Quincy, Illinois.


Medical Insurance

John Wood Community College has self-funded healthcare, whereby an employer provides health or disability benefits to employees with its own funds. The College’s third party administer is Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois.