Advising & Retention FAQs

Who is my advisor?
We assign advisors based on your selected major. If you are undecided, you will be randomly paired with an advisor. However, if you have an advisor that you wish to work with, please let us know and we will make sure you get set up with them! If you would like to know who your advisor is, please feel free to call our office at 217-641-4355 or email us at to inquire about who you will be working with!
How do I obtain my JWCC login information for my student accounts?
Your login information can be obtained by stopping by the Help Desk in our IT department. They are located in the lower level of B-building. You may also reach them at 217.641.4325.
Will my classes transfer?
JWCC classes transfer throughout the entire region and country. However, we always want students to work one-on-one with their JWCC advisor and their transfer school to ensure that courses taken at JWCC will transfer and meet the needs of the student's long-term goals.
Can I bypass the developmental education classes that I tested into in order to take college-level coursework?
No, a student may not bypass the developmental education classes they test into in order to take college-level coursework. These classes become pre-requisites to the college-level classes and are there as foundational courses to ensure student success.
How many classes can I take at one time?
Per the college handbook, a student may take up to 18 credit hours during any fall or spring semester and up to 10 credit hours in the summer term.
When can I drop a class?
For 16 week courses, a student may drop with a full refund up to two weeks into the semester. Students then can withdraw from a course with no grade penalty and no refund through week twelve of a sixteen week semester.
These dates are prorated for courses less than sixteen weeks in length. A student should check the college handbook or with their advisor for exact dates.
What tutoring services are available?
JWCC offers tutorial services in various academic areas free of charge to students. These are walk-in based tutoring labs located in the library.
You can obtain a schedule of tutorial services each semester from the Career & Advising Center.
What are my options in registering for classes?
New students to the college must register through an Academic Advisor. Returning students are expected to register via their SOLAR account on the web after meeting with an Advisor. Students should see an Advisor each and every semester they are at JWCC to ensure proper course selection and academic progress is being made.
Do I ever have to come to campus for an online class?
In most online courses, students do not have to come to campus to complete any part of the course. However, there are a few that do require a campus visit for one or two tests throughout the semester.
A student should check their syllabi for each course to see if this is required.
What is the open learning center (OLC) and what are open learning classes like?
The Open Learning method of course delivery was pioneered in the early days of JWCC and continues through today. It provides flexibility and a different learning environment to students seeking it.
In OLC, there are no classroom meetings. Instead, students meet one-on-one with an instructor at a designated time(s) each week. You have more control over your schedule in an OLC course than in structured or online courses.
A variety of course materials are often used including instructional videos, computer-mediated instruction, in addition to assignments and traditional text.