Records and Registration FAQs

Am I in the right classes to graduate at the end of the semester?
You need to submit an application for graduation, which will result in a degree check being done for you. You'll receive the results of that degree check in the mail. In the interim, you can always check with your academic advisor.
Can I drop a class and get into a different one?
In order to drop a class and add a different class, the schedule change must be completed by the end of the 1st week of classes for 16-week classes and by the 3rd day of classes for any 8-week class.
Can I fax a transcript?
We do not accept faxed transcripts.
Can I register online?
Yes, if you are a returning student and you do not have any holds on your account. However, you should visit with your academic advisor prior to registering to ensure proper course selection.
How do I drop a class?
You can drop a class through your SOLAR account, at the Enrollment Services counter, or through your academic advisor. You should never ask or expect your instructor to drop you.
How do I get in touch with my instructor?
Check your course syllabus. The instructor contact information will be on the syllabus.
How do I get my grades for my insurance company?
You can do this one of two ways. Print off the Request for Verification of Enrollment form, complete it, and submit it to our office or contact the Enrollment Services Office directly and ask for an enrollment verification.
You'll need to be able to provide the ES staff member with the complete name and address of the company to whom this is to be sent and specify exactly what information they are requesting.
What else can my student ID be used for?
The ID card allows students to access JWCC athletic events and student activities and also serves as a library card. There is no charge for obtaining an ID card, but there is a $10 replacement fee.