Support Center FAQs

Is this where I borrow books?
Yes and No. Yes if you qualify for TRiO-SSS; no if you do not qualify. TRiO-SSS members are always welcome to take advantage of our temporary book and laptop loan program. This program makes books and laptops available, and is useful if you are waiting on a refund check/financial aid award to come through. This program should not be used for long-term solutions, but can be used to get you out of a tough spot! If you believe that this program would help you, please fill out an application today.
Is this where I go to get help with scheduling my classes?
No. Advising is across the hall in room C-153. Your advisor there can help you schedule your classes.
Is this where I go to find out about one-on-one/walk-in tutoring?
Yes. We have walk-in tutoring available to all TRiO-SSS members, for all core areas of study. These walk-in times are spread out over three days, to be convenient for many people's schedules. Should these times not work for you, we also have the ability to schedule you one-on-one tutoring. This tutoring is incredibly flexible, and will most likely occur when you want it to.
Is there a grant to pay rent/utilities/broken car?
No. We are a program designed to primarily help you academically. For most students, this means simply providing extra assistance in the form of tutoring or study assistance. We do understand that life happens, though. If something outside of John Wood is interfering with your academics, or has the potential to interfere, we are available to help in many ways, such as: budgeting and future planning, assistance in evaluating and selecting financial aid options, financial literacy, and, in certain cases, referrals to community agencies.
I have used all my PELL. Is there funding for books and/or materials?
Yes - short term. We have a short-term book/laptop loan program available to all members of TRiO-SSS. This program is designed to be a temporary solution, and requires that you provide your own book at the end of the three week period.
Is there someone I can talk to about my personal problems?
YES! The TRiO-SSS staff are professionals who exist to help you be successful in school. We are intrusive academic counselors - in other words, we get paid to make sure that any personal problems that you are having are resolved in the best way possible. So, whether you need to brainstorm solutions or vent about life we're here to help.